A Peace of the Beach, is a mother-daughter owned and operated business, that specializes in artistic driftwood furnishings. The vision of the company is to design unique earthy furnishings that are both functional and artistic.

Each design begins with a single piece of inspirational driftwood that guides the crafting process. Since no two pieces of driftwood are alike each design has it’s own character, that can never be replicated. The wood curves in non-uniform ways making each construction a new experience. The finished product compliments both contemporary and traditional styled homes.

The pieces created by a Peace of the Beach have an amazing natural sense of design combined with an ability to construct driftwood into artistic, well balanced furniture. I am amazed by their ability to find and bring forward the inherent beauty in such an elegant manner.

Julia Strutt
Interior Designer
Owner of Nexus Gallery
– Orono, ON



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